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terapeak reports now available for PayPal Merchants June 16, 2010

Posted by anthonysukow in Business, Points of Interest.
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Recently terapeak launched its NEW product for PayPal. The terapeak for PayPal product is now available and ready for eBay sellers and merchants to get a whole new powerful tool for understanding online business.

I think this is an exciting development and one that merchants can appreciate.

The major benefits to PayPal merchants are

  1. Easy to understand visual graphs of your PayPal account
  2. In depth analysis of fees, and taxes
  3. Geographic distribution of your business… i.e. where do your customers live
  4. Abbility to merge multiple eBay accounts in a single view
  5. Goal setting to focus your business
  6. Lots of other flexibility
PayPal Merchant Report

Terapeak - PayPal Account Report



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