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iTunes & App Store Nubie February 13, 2009

Posted by anthonysukow in My Thoughts, Points of Interest.
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I have been using iTunes since Christmas and I have to say it is a really well thought out system. I am having some troubles though…. I have downloaded several “Apps” including Remote, Facebook and a currency / exchange rate widget, which were all free. I use Gift Cards to top up my iTunes account and it is also a great way to budget in these less than favorable economic times. Unfortunately I can’t seem to purchase items from the App Store with my iTunes credit. It wants to have billing information attached to the account. Am I doing something wrong? Can you use iTunes credits to buy stuff on the App Store? It seems likly given that the “Redeem” screen pops up sometimes… which is by association attached to iTunes credit.

In any event, it is a “seam” in a so called “seamless” system.



1. Andrew - February 13, 2009

Another negative with itunes is guess what happens when your hard drive dies and you go to redownload your music/movies? You guessed it, you only get one chance to redownload your stuff and if you have a failed hard drive again you are screwed. You have to backup your files locally vs. Amazon where they will stream it for you OR let you download it.

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