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Open Social Networks, Facebook, Myspace … November 2, 2007

Posted by anthonysukow in Business, My Thoughts, Points of Interest.

I recently attended the web 2.0 summit in San Francisco and it was very interesting. Their were a great many small start-ups present. Given our business is 4 years old and profitable I put myself more in the group of new companies than start-up.

 My observations include the following;

  1. The re-occurring topics for this conference were the open web (open information) and connecting the edge with the mainstream.
  2. Google folks were surprisingly sparse
  3. Microsoft-* were present in numbers although they seemed a bit disassociated from what was happening
  4. Many of the people had no real revenue model but expected that advertising would pay the bills
  5. Their were about 75 women present in a crowd of at least 1000 and probably a lot more

Recently I was reading Wired on-line and they had an article about Google Open Social. It seems logical that for every custom application their should be a counterpart in the open space.

Zuckerberger (Nickname) is a smart guy (No argument there) and the value of his Internet property will increase as long as users and time spent on facebook increase. All the smart people working on this will figure out a way for it to make a lot of money.



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