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Other Interesting Statistics January 23, 2007

Posted by anthonysukow in Business, Uncategorized.

Some interesting information on the number of cross boarder sales that occur on eBay.

United States
Unites States Sellers -> United States 88.4%
United States Sellers -> Canada 4.2%
Unites States Sellers -> United Kingdom 1.7%
Unites States Sellers -> Other Countries 5.7%

Canadian Sellers -> Canada 43.2%
Canadian Sellers -> United States 47.4%
Canadian Sellers -> United Kingdom 2.4%
Canadian Sellers -> Other Countries 7.0%

German Sellers -> Germany 92.3%
German Sellers -> Austria 2.5%
German Sellers -> Other Countries 5.2%

United Kingdom
United Kingdom Sellers -> United Kingdom 85.5%
United Kingdom Sellers -> United States 5.5%
United Kingdom Sellers -> Ireland 1.2%
United Kingdom Sellers -> Other Countries 7.8%

What does this mean? Here are a few potential causes for this behavior;

  1. Tariffs and Duties on goods shipped outside ones own country
  2. Lack of knowledge of foreign markets, languages, currencies
  3. The atlantic ocean


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